Rent a car on your conditions in Lviv

Carol is a carsharing marketplace that helps book car rental on your conditions from independent agencies and private owners in Lviv.

Better than manual search


We are using artificial intelligence to negotiate car rental deals with dozens of rental providers.

Fast and easy

Getting perfect car rental deal with Carol you need just set up a search in a few clicks and relax.

Upon request

Unlike other places Carol negotiates car rental deals on your conditions.

How does it work?


Select car group, rental conditions and confirm the price


We negotiate with car rental agencies to get the deal on you conditions


Meet with the provider, sign the contract and receive the car

Earn money by renting out your cars

Learn how


How to rent car for lowest price with Carol?

Once you selected rental location and period you can choose rental conditions and adjust price to your budget.

What do I need to rent a car?

You need to create booking and bring your driving license, passport and credit card or cash with you.

Why it is cheaper to rent a car on Carol?

We are using machine learning to negotiate better price with dozens of independent agencies and individual owners every time you make a booking.

Is it safe to rent a car on Carol?

Totally, because you are signing the rental agreement with the host to ensure liability of the deal.

How many rental cars can you rent at once?

You can rent as many cars as you want at the same time, just mind that hosts might have limitation on number of drivers who is allowed to drive.

Can I rent car for working at taxi or traveling abroad at Carol?

Currently you can rent only for private use withing country borders.