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car rental

Imagine the freedom of driving the car of your choice without the long-term commitment, all available right in your neighborhood.

With our AI-powered platform, you get instant price quotes, flexible terms, and direct access to a range of vehicles from local owners. Say goodbye to hidden fees and hello to convenience, security, and the best prices possible.

Take advantage of this – sign up today and join the future of car ownership with just a few clicks. Whether you’re commuting, traveling, or just need a car for everyday errands, we have the perfect offer. Subscribe now and drive with confidence!


Best price

Our smart pricing algorithm ensures you get the best subscription cost on the market.



Organize your next car subscription quickly and effortlessly with our simple platform.



Our thorough car subscription agreement protects you from unforeseen charges while addressing risks.

How car subscription works


Flexible plans and instant quotes

Choose the perfect car subscription terms that fit your needs with the added flexibility of weekly or monthly payment options. Our intuitive platform provides instant quotes so you can stay in control of your spending.


Automated search and intelligent selection

Use our advanced search engine to find the best car subscription based on your preferences and specific criteria. It’s designed to connect you with your ideal car quickly and efficiently.


Convenient contact and regular payments

You’ll be notified immediately with all important contact and car information. Make weekly or monthly payments and enjoy the freedom of returning the car before a new billing period begins.


We are committed to transparent pricing and want to make your car rental experience convenient and affordable with no booking fees, no prepayments and no cancellation fees!

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All about car subscription

What is a car subscription service?

A car subscription service is an innovative alternative to traditional car ownership and rental. It offers the convenience of having a car without a long-term commitment. For a monthly or weekly fee, you get access to a vehicle and the flexibility to change cars on a monthly or weekly basis.

How does insurance work with a car subscription?

Insurance is usually included with your car subscription. You get comprehensive coverage built into your monthly fee, so there's no need to purchase separate insurance.

Can I change vehicles during a car subscription?

Yes, you can cancel your current vehicle subscription and subscribe to a new vehicle whenever your preferences, needs, or budget change.

Are there any mileage limits on car subscriptions?

Mileage limits depend on the subscription plan you choose. Some plans offer unlimited mileage, while others have a monthly limit. Be sure to choose a plan that best suits your driving needs.

What are the long-term costs of subscribing versus owning a car?

Subscribing can often be less expensive than owning, especially when you factor in depreciation, maintenance, insurance, and registration fees, which are typically included in your subscription.

Is it possible to cancel a car subscription?

Yes, you can cancel your car subscription before your next payment period, such as a week or month. Unlike other car subscription services and platforms, we don't have any cancellation fees or notice periods.

How long does it take to get a car after subscribing?

You can request a car subscription to start at any specific date, time and location in the future, and we will find a car owner willing to provide it exactly on your terms.

Are car subscriptions available for both new and used cars?

We do not limit the cars on our platform to only new or used, but we use intelligent matching to find the best car every time you book a car for subscription with us.

Can I use a subscribed car to drive in taxis or ridesharing services like Uber, Bolt or Lyft?

This depends on the provider's policy. Some owners allow their cars to be used for ride-sharing, while others prohibit it, so please check with the owner first.

What maintenance and repair responsibilities do I have with a subscription car?

The car owner covers routine maintenance and repairs as part of your subscription fee. However, you may be responsible for damage or excessive wear and tear.