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International carsharing community for renting or sharing a vehicle with power of artificial inteligence

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Welcome to an innovative car sharing community that seamlessly connects local car owners worldwide with the growing demand for car rentals and subscriptions.

Whether you have one car or a fleet of hundreds, our community welcomes you. Unlock the potential for maximum revenue with our intelligent algorithms. Unlike other platforms, our flexible acceptance policy ensures you won’t be saddled with cancellation fees. We prioritize market access for everyone, so you can focus on what matters most – your earnings.

Join our community today and start earning money on your terms.


Best price

An intelligent pricing algorithm monitors  market conditions to maximize your profit


Easy to use

An intuitive interface makes it easy to start earning in just a few steps


Peace of mind

A comprehensive car rental contract covers your risks as an owner

How to get customers for your car rental bussines


Easy access and low maintenance

Join our carsharing community effortlessly by creating an account, adding your vehicle, and setting your availability location. Our algorithms do the rest, automatically managing schedules and pricing.


Dynamic pricing and smart matching

Our algorithms constantly monitor market conditions for fair pricing. We use historical preferences to intelligently match owners with renters, ensuring a seamless and enjoyable experience.


Flexible Acceptance and Direct Payments

As a car owner, you have the freedom to accept or decline offers. Choose the best meeting location, sign the contract, and receive direct payment for a secure and convinient transaction.


Experience complete peace of mind with no obligations and no fees for rejection or cancelation.

Service fee
100 %
Rejection Fee
100 %
Cancelation fee
100 %

All about carsharing

What is carsharing and how do I get started?

Carsharing is a flexible mobility solution that allows users to share and access vehicles within a community. To join our carsharing community, create an account, add your vehicle and specify your availability location. It's a simple process designed for convenience.

Can I join carsharing with just one vehicle?

Yes, our carsharing community is inclusive and welcomes owners with a single vehicle to those with larger fleets. Join and benefit from our platform regardless of the size of your operation.

How do I maximize my carsharing revenue?

Our intelligent algorithms automatically maximize your revenue by monitoring market conditions. This ensures competitive and fair pricing for the offers you receive.

Are there any cancellation fees?

No, we prioritize flexibility. Unlike other platforms, we don't charge cancellation fees, providing a hassle-free experience for both owners and renters.

How does the matching process work on your car sharing platform?

Our platform uses intelligent matching based on historical preferences. This ensures personalized connections between owners and renters for a more enjoyable experience.

As a car owner, how do I get paid in carsharing?

After accepting an offer, you will meet the renter, sign the contract and determine the payment method. Once you have met the renter, you will receive the payment directly.

How can I avoid sharing personal and vehicle data on the carsharing platform?

When you use our platform, your contact details are only shared with the renter if you accept the offer, thus preventing access and misuse by third parties.

What is the environmental impact of carsharing?

Participating in carsharing promotes sustainable practices and helps reduce our collective carbon footprint. It's one small step toward a greener transportation system.