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Welcome to a car rental platform that connects your car rental bussines to renters worldwide and calculates fare prices based on the market situation with machine learning algorithms.

Unlike other platforms, we don’t charge cancelation fees to ensure access to the market for car rental agencies of any size and even individual car owners.
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Best price

Intelligent pricing algorithm monitors  market conditions to maximize your profit


Intuitive interface makes it easy to start a rental business within a few steps


A comprehensive car rental agreement covers your risks as an owner

How it works

  • The renter tailors the flexible terms of their car rental to suit their specific requirements
  • Dynamic pricing calculates the cost of the rental based on market conditions
  • Automated search locates car owners located in the desired location
  • Intelligent selection identifies the most suitable car based on search criteria
  • After receiving the offer car owner decides to reject or confirm it by choosing a car and meeting place
  • The car owner meets with the renter, signs the contract, and gets paid directly


Experience complete peace of mind with no obligations and no fines for rejection or cancelation.



Car rental represents the spirit of adventure and the freedom to explore the world. It’s about empowering individuals to take control of their lives and live without boundaries.

We have a bold vision to revolutionize the car rental industry. We want to create a world where car rental is not only more convenient than car ownership but also more sustainable and profitable for everyone involved.

We believe that our innovative technology and forward-thinking practices will allow us to empower people from all walks of life to easily access and share vehicles, no matter where they are or where they’re going.



We value inclusivity and believe in the power of collective voice to guide us in serving our community.



We prioritise the protection of our users’ data by avoiding the sale, misuse, or exposure of their personal information. 



We are committed to promote sustainable car-sharing practices that help reduce our carbon footprint.


What are the requirements for starting a car rental business?

To start a car rental business, typically you need a fleet of several vehicles to meet various customer needs. However, with our car rental platform, you can start your business with just one vehicle.

How much does it cost to start a car rental business?

With our platform, you can add your vehicle and receive car rental offers for free, making it easy and affordable to start your car rental business.

How do I set prices for my car rental business?

Setting optimal car rental prices can be tricky and time-consuming, but with our platform, you will receive the best offers based on market conditions automatically.

How can I improve the profitability of my car rental business?

Downtime and inefficient pricing can decrease your car rental profitability. With our car rental platform, you can receive rental offers to minimize downtime and ensure your pricing is sufficient to maximize your profits.

How do I handle seasonal fluctuations in demand for rental cars?

Seasonal demand fluctuations can be challenging for car rental businesses. Our pricing algorithms help you to deal with these fluctuations by providing deals with increased profitability during the high season and a constant flow of offers during the low season.

What are the best ways to expand my car rental business?

Expanding your car rental business is easy with extra demand coming from our platform while you maintain and grow your own customer base.

What are the future prospects for the car rental industry?

The car rental industry is expected to see steady growth, with a projected 3.49% annual rate, and sales are predicted to make up 72% of total revenue by 2027, making it a promising time to start or expand your car rental business.