Earn money on car rental in Lodz

Add your car

Carol is carsharing marketplace that helps independent agencies and individual car owners to find clients and make money by renting out cars in Lodz.

Better than others marketplaces

No fees

You don’t pay cancellation fees and receive total amount of the offer directly from the client

No hustle

Once the car added you don’t need to update availability or price - just accept offers in case you like it

Fare and private

We don’t expose your name or brand to public - no one will know that you are renting the car out unless they rent it.

How does it work?

Get an offer

You will receive an offer with price and conditions once somebody want’s to rent a car


Choose a car from your fleet and pick up location to accept the offer

Get paid

Meet with a customer, sign rental contract and directly receive total price


Who can partner with CAROL.RENT to receive information about potential customers of car rental services?

Any physical or legal entities can with any number of own cars or cars which they have right to manage.

How will receive payment for car rental services?

You will receive money directly from user with no fees or interaction from our side.

Is there any penalties for rejecting or not accepting an offer from CAROL.RENT?

You are free not to accept the offer or to reject an offer you have accepted. In both of cases you will not pay anything and the offer will be assigned to another partner.

What's the cost of joining and receiving information about potential customers of car rental services from CAROL.RENT?

It's completely free, you don't need to do any payments to join and receive information about potential customers of car rental services from CAROL.RENT.

What kind of documents should I sign with potential customer, information about which I've received from CAROL.RENT?

You need to sign usual vehicle rental agreement with the potential customer on conditions indicated in the offer you accepted at CAROL.RENT

Is there any commission for receiving information about potential customers at CAROL.RENT?

You will receive full amount indicated in the offer without any commission on our side.

How can I be sure that customer really has intend to rent a car?

Customer confirms his intend to rent a car by performing prepayment when completing the booking.

How the price of car rental services in offers are being calculated?

We use data analysis of more than 30 indicators including place, time and conditions of the car rental, historical data and artificial intelligence to ensure fair price calculation for car rental offers.