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Book minibus and van rental directly from owners for group trips with family, friends or colleagues
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Are you looking for a convenient and affordable way to transport a group of people for a family trip, a weekend getaway with friends, or a corporate event? Then look no further than our minibus and van rental services! Our rentals are owned and operated directly by their owners, so you can trust that they are well-maintained and cared for.

Booking directly with the owners means you can enjoy competitive pricing and personalized service. Whether you need a spacious minibus or a practical van, we have a variety of options to suit your needs. So why not make your next group trip stress-free and enjoyable by booking a minibus or van rental with us? We guarantee that you won’t regret it!


Best Price

Intelligent pricing algorithm calculates the best rental deal available in the market for you



Book your next car rental in just a few simple steps with a user-friendly interface



A comprehensive car rental agreement eliminates hidden charges while covering risks.

How to rent a car


Flexible terms and instant price calculation

Set your preferred car rental terms such as location, period, mileage and deposit to suit your needs. Our system provides instant price calculations to help you manage your budget effectively.


Automatic search and smart selection

Our advanced search system matches you with the perfect car rental option using intelligent algorithms that take into account your preferences and specific search criteria.


Quick confirmation and direct contact

As soon as your booking is confirmed with the owner, you’ll receive a notification with access to contact details and car information. Sign the contract and the car will be ready for you to pick up directly from the owner.


We are committed to transparent pricing and want to make your car rental experience convenient and affordable with no booking fees, no prepayments and no cancellation fees!

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What’s the best car rental category for a long road trip?

For a long road trip, we recommend booking a car from our Standart category, such as a Toyota Corolla. These cars offer a perfect balance between comfort and fuel economy.

Which car rental category is best for city driving?

For city driving, we recommend our economy category cars with automatic transmissions, like a Smart Fortwo. These cars are easy to park and offer great fuel economy.

What car rental category is suitable for off-road driving?

For off-road driving, we recommend our SUV 4×4 category cars, such as a Jeep Wrangler. These cars have better grip and off-roading capabilities.

What type of car rental category is best for a family vacation?

For a family vacation, we recommend our van category cars, like a Mercedes-Benz Vito. These cars offer comfort and ample space for your family.

Which car rental category is suitable for transporting large items?

If you need to transport large items, we recommend our cargo category cars, like a Ford Transit. These cars offer plenty of space and comfort.

What car rental category is recommended for winter driving conditions?

For winter driving conditions, we recommend our crossover category cars, like a Kia Sportage. These cars offer a perfect balance between grip and fuel economy.

What car rental category is recommended for business travel?

For business travel, we recommend our large category cars, such as a Volkswagen Passat. These cars offer a high level of comfort.

What type of car rental category is best for a romantic getaway?

For a romantic getaway, we recommend our sport category cars with a manual transmission, such as a Toyota GR86. These cars offer a remarkable driving experience.

What type of car rental category is best for eco-friendly travel?

For eco-friendly travel, we recommend our electric or hybrid car categories, like a Nissan Leaf or Toyota Prius. These cars are perfect for reducing your carbon footprint.

What type of car rental category is best for driving on a coastal road trip?

For a coastal road trip, we recommend our convertible car category, like a Mazda MX-5. These cars offer a remarkable driving experience with the top down.