Rent a car with card payment on your terms

Book cars for rent with card payment directly from owners to go cashless on your next trip

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Are you in search of a hassle-free car rental experience? Look no further than our exceptional and reliable car rental platform! With our flexible policies, you can book your car for rent on your own terms and enjoy a completely cashless travel experience on your next trip. Whether you are traveling for business or pleasure, we offer an extensive selection of cars to cater to your diverse transportation needs.

Our user-friendly online booking platform allows you to browse through the available options and select the vehicle that best suits your requirements. And with our secure card payment system, you can make payments without having to worry about the safety and security of your financial information.

Book your ride today to enjoy a comfort-driven travel experience and leave all your worries behind!


Best Price

Intelligent pricing algorithm calculates the best rental deal available in the market for you



Book your next car rental in just a few simple steps with a user-friendly interface



A comprehensive car rental agreement eliminates hidden charges while covering risks.

How does it work

  • Adjust car rental flexible terms to meet your own needs
  • Manage your budget efficiently with instant price calculation
  • Automated search finds car owners located at the chosen location
  • Intelligent selection algorithm peaks the best car based on search criteria
  • Quick confirmation with car details, contact info and credentials
  • Sign the agreement and receive the car directly from the owner


Experience complete peace of mind with free cancellations, no upfront payments, and no commissions.



Are there any restrictions on mileage for rental cars?

You can choose between a daily mileage allowance or opt for unlimited mileage based on your travel plans when making your reservation.

What are the age restrictions for renting a car?

To rent a car, the driver must be at least 18 years old. However, if the driver is under 25 years of age, the rental fee may be slightly higher.

Is a deposit required to rent a car?

Yes, you will be required to leave a security deposit, unless you choose the “no deposit” option, which is about 30% more expensive than the options with a deposit.

Can I rent a car without a credit card?

Yes, you can pay with cash, but keep in mind that you will also need cash to leave your security deposit.

What is the fuel policy for rental cars?

You will receive the rental car with a full tank of fuel and you will need to return it with the same fuel level as when you received it.

Is there a fee for an additional driver?

No, you can add an additional driver for free, but you will remain fully responsible for all terms and conditions of the rental agreement.

What are the driving restrictions for rental cars?

There are no restrictions on driving within the country. If you plan to travel outside the country, please check with the car owner after confirming your booking.

What is the cleaning policy when renting a car?

You will receive a clean rental car and are not required to clean it before returning it. However, the owner may charge you for excessive dirt.

Can I bring my pet in the rental car?

If you plan to travel with a pet, please consult with the car owner after confirming your booking, as some people may be allergic to specific pets.

What if I need additional equipment, such as a GPS or child seat?

If you need additional equipment, such as a child seat or GPS, please ask the car owner about the availability of these options after booking confirmation.